Oh this boy…

This boy of mine…he is a teenager (just), he is gentle and kind, and oh so creative.  He loves animals and babies, and they love him. He always has a collection of creatures, and animals follow him like the pied piper.  He is a dreamer and a dream child. This boy has a gift. As it turns out this week, we also found out he has dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD-Inattentive Type.

Boy oh boy…

It was a bit take to in.  It explains so much.  And changes everything. I think he is relieved.  There is a reason…

I have read so much this last 4 days.  I have spent so much money at Book Depository (eek). And I have learnt so much.

He wants to show me what he has learnt at school today.  As I find myself saying “No, just tell me”, I change.  I change to “Ok, SHOW me”.  And I can tell I am changing, and appreciating the beauty of this boy.

And appreciating this gift.  This gift of dyslexia.



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