Change is on the way…

Okay, so we are nearly 2 weeks on from finding out Max has dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD-Inattentive. What have we done so far?

We have put Max on vitamin supplements – a vitamin B blend, with zinc, magnesium and calcium, and a Focus blend. I am hoping this will help with the ADHD-inattentive side of things.

I have ordered tonnes of books. I have joined SPELD Vic (, am in the process of joining ADA (, have signed him up to a daily online 10 minute tutor specially addressing dyslexia ( ), I have spoken to a friend-of-a-friend whose son is dyslexic and she is studying a particular multi-sensory teaching approach, I have spoken to the Irlen Dyslexia Centre ( and will probably take him there for an assessment, and have spoken to his school with a positive result.

Phew, I am exhausted.

Has anything changed? Yes, I believe so…

I am more informed. We are feeling more comfortable with the path forward. Max is relieved. His brothers keep talking up how smart dyslexics are (think Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Da Vinci). We are also more organised with his school work.

Max’s science teacher rang me this morning. She started with “I just wanted to ring you and tell you about something Max did in class today…”. My heart dropped. I have had this phone call before. She then continued with “I am so proud of him”. I was in shock for a moment. She rang to tell me how she had given the class an assessment task due in 2 weeks. Max worked so hard in that double period of science that he submitted his work. She said she watched him in class and could not believe how hard he worked. He was a different child.

Our wonderful babysitter Barb told us how when she picked him up from school last week, he was a totally different child (I see a theme happening!). He was so full of news as to how the school is helping him and what he can do, he couldn’t get his words out fast enough.

I received an email from his History/Geography teacher about how Max is concentrating in class and sitting himself in better focussed positions in the classroom with appropriate company.

So, while we have a long way to go, and I am prepared for ups and downs, things are looking good!



  1. Sometimes getting a diagnosis is actually a relief rather than something to be scared of. Now you can all take the bull by the horns and do all you can to help him. Good luck to you all and well done you for being a fabulous family to Max. xxxxxx

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