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OK, so I’ve told you have entered the mad mad world of women over 40 who decide to do some crazy exercise event (usually a marathon, but I HATE running), in my case a 200km bike ride.  But at least if you are running, all you need is legs and shoes.  I have discovered with doing a bike ride, whilst you can do it sitting down, some equipment is required…

I have done 2 training rides and so far I have bought:

  • gel padded knickers (and yet to receive them in the mail)
  • gel bike seat

Are you seeing a theme here?

I have discovered there is much more to be bought:

  • gel padded bike pants (several pairs)
  • sports socks (‘cos my husband gets cross at me for wearing his)
  • foot strap thingies (apparently makes riding easier)
  • drink bottle back pack thingy
  • mini super duper bike pump
  • little ‘bum’ bag for a bike (not for me) to put phone and coffee money in

I also have the small issue of a bike.  I have a gorgeous bike that I call the yellow beauty, from Reid Cycles (can be seen here –Yellow Beauty).  I love it.  I feel like The Queen riding it.  It is not made for a 200km ride! So I have been using my 1 year old son’s mountain bike (also from Reid Cycles) with a gel seat attached.  It is a hard slog I tell you.  I have been told that I need a road bike, though they aren’t very pretty.  I wonder if I could get one with a basket on the front?

My other challenge is that I have to raise $2,500 just to participate, and it would be sad if I did all this training and then could actually do the ride!  I have raised $125 (thank you to some very generous friends).  Would anyone else like to donate to a very very very worthy cause – Cancer research?  If so, click here.

How about a pic to brighten your day?

Susan x