OMG, you will not believe what I have done…

OMG, what have I done! (Mum, OMG means Oh. My. God…)

I have committed to riding a bike 200km over a single weekend! Can you believe it? For those of you that know me, I know you can’t believe it. BUT IT IS TRUE! Aggghhh….. What have I done? I know, I know, I keep asking myself that question. When I speak with the great girls in my team, it is a great idea. Brilliant even. When I am sitting on the couch with a glass of wine, it seems like madness! Who thought of this craziness? 200 km in a single weekend?? I am so unfit. AND you sleep in tents…ugh! Madness I tell you. Why am I doing this madness? A few reasons actually. Primarily to raise money for the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre. Everyone knows someone, or has someone in their family that has been touched by cancer or lost to cancer. I am no different and we all have our stories. The research and treatment that people receive make such a difference to their lives. And not only a difference to their lives, but to the lives of the people around them. My others reasons are…well….you know…it seemed like a good idea at the time!

To spur me on and keep me cycling, I need donations. Each person has to raise a set amount of money to be allowed to go in the ride, and every little cent counts. So I will be sharing links to my fundraising page, asking you to share links to this page, asking you to buy a raffle ticket or a sausage, or even getting you to just check for change at the back of your couch!

Here is my fundraising page…Help me with my madness!

So please help me out and donate!

Susan xx


ps: And because my blog is not my blog without a photo…